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Public Launch 2021.


We believe

The best local entrepreneurs and real estate investors are doers.

Lenders should be partners

Not obstacles that make things difficult with jargon and bureaucracy.

Technology + People = Alpha

Data and technology used by leading tech companies and institutional investors should be available to everyone.

We are flipping the lending business model on it’s head.
True partner

We help you run your business, and get you the lowest interest rates.

Game-changing technology, for free

Get industry-leading tools to execute your business plan whether you’re flipping or renting. We provide our intelligent software free of charge to help optimize your business.


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Public Launch 2021.


Guaranteed Take-out

Not sure about your exit strategy?

We get it! That’s why we created the Backflip Guaranteed Take-out.

Invest with peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable monetization option with the Backflip Guaranteed Take-out.

Do More... Better, Faster, Cheaper.

Easy to use

Use the technology toolkit to find a property you like, then request a financing quote and take-out offer.

Data-driven underwriting

Quickly assess an investment’s profit potential.

Vetted vendors

Trusted and approved construction and property management vendors.


Best in class technology, available on mobile, to execute your business plan.

Better capital

We work hard to provide the most compelling capital options, increasing your profits.

Move from deal to deal with ease

Public Launch 2021.



Diverse experiences coming together to solve challenging problems. Backflip was built by a seasoned team of experts committed to empowering local entrepreneurs. Together we are making something quite unique.



Proudly serving Texas and Colorado

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